• New Attorney Joins Firm
  • Surviving The Impact Of Covid-19: V. New Florida Law Restricts Employer Vaccine Mandates
  • New Attorney Joins Firm
  • Worker's Compensation Case Law Update: Limits on the Remedial Medical Treatment Exception to the Statute of Limitations Defense
  • Judging Misconduct In The Workplace- Recent JCC Decisions Regarding An Interpretation Of The Misconduct Defense Under 440.15(4)(E), Which Precludes An Injured Worker's Entitlement To Temporary Partial Disability Benefits
  • Retaliation Claims
  • Adjuster Depositions - Do's and Don'ts
  • Updated Case Law And Recent Jcc Decisions Re The Injured Worker's Right To A One Time Change Of Physician As Per 440.13 (2)(F)
  • Employer Reminder: Don't Use Settlement Agreements to Stop Employees from Filing EEOC Complaints
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