Defending Companies Against Wrongful Termination Claims

Florida ​Wrongful Termination Defense Attorney

The decision to terminate an employee is seldom arrived at easily. Often employers look for other possible solutions before deciding that termination is the only recourse left. Employment in Florida is generally at will unless there is an employment contract or other agreement in place.

Regardless of your reason for the termination some employees may claim they were wrongfully discharged and file a claim for the loss of future income. There can be any number of reasons an ex-employee might assert as a basis for a wrongful termination suit. It is vital that you discuss the specifics of the case with a Florida employment defense attorney who is highly experienced in successfully resolving this type of claim.

Wrongful Termination Defense Lawyer in Florida

Although Florida is an at-will employment state, there are certain legal protections from termination that any employee is afforded. A person may not be refused employment or terminated because of his or her gender, age, religious affiliation, or race. Other protected circumstances include termination for reporting discrimination, hostile work environment or harassment in the workplace, for claiming other employee rights or for reporting violations of regulations and laws.

If, for example, an employee reported an on the job injury, filed for benefits and was terminated soon after, the employee could claim the termination was retaliation for having filed the claim. There are a number of facts the employee must prove to succeed in the case. A skilled wrongful termination lawyer at the firm uses their years of experience in this area of law to seek a resolution which protects the employer's business.

When a crisis arises suddenly, you need a law firm which is immediately responsive. The legal team at the firm answers emails and cell phone calls at any hour to discuss a concern with a client. Call Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law to consult with an employment defense lawyer regarding any wrongful terminal issue.

Contact a Florida wrongful termination defense attorney at the firm for skilled assistance in performing a termination or for help if you are facing a wrongful termination claim.