Florida Willful Misconduct and Employers

Lawyer Defends Companies Against Willful Misconduct Charges

Employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance to cover the costs of any accident injuries or fatalities that occur in the workplace. Workers' compensation for work related incidents covers lost wages, medical expenses and benefits for disability or death benefits to surviving family members of a deceased worker. With workers' compensation insurance in place, an employer is still required to provide a safe work environment for employees.

Employers who are negligent, careless or reckless toward the safety of their employees can face charges of willful misconduct. Employers should contact a Florida employment defense lawyer and seek immediate legal assistance if accused of willful misconduct. Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law provides protection to municipalities, insurance companies, small businesses and large corporations during all steps of legal proceedings involving willful misconduct allegations.

Penalties of Willful Misconduct

It is important to have legal support and protection when facing criminal charges for willful misconduct. Criminal charges are serious and the consequences can be significant for a conviction. Common penalties for willful misconduct can include the following:

  • OSHA fines
  • Employee lawsuits

A strong and aggressive defense is necessary by an experienced and skilled team of defense attorneys. Employers can benefit from the effective and professional legal services of Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law. They represent employers in all areas of employment and legal cases. They have the resources and knowledge to defend constitutional rights of employers and represent their best interests when dealing with governmental agencies, employee claims and lawsuits.

Our legal team understands the problems that employers face due to extensive governmental regulations and harsh penalties for any violations. We thoroughly investigate all claims of willful misconduct and use expert witnesses when necessary. A lawsuit against an employer can be intimidating, complex and confusing and requires the competent legal counsel from an experienced legal defense group. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified defense lawyer regarding a willful misconduct case.

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