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About Whistleblower Claims

Managing a business these days very often sets you up for unpleasant surprises no matter how fair you try to be in your day to day dealings with business associates and employees. Besides state audits and other onerous governmental requirements, you may find your business the target of a whistleblower claim of criminal activity. The result can disrupt your business and destroy your sleep. When your financial survival and business reputation is under assault it is crucial that you have a Florida Employment Defense Attorney protecting your interests.

Whistleblower Claim Defense Lawyer in Florida

Unfortunately any disgruntled employee who has been terminated, demoted, denied a raise or for other reasons best known to him or herself can file a report with a government agency alleging any number of violations. The federal government publicly encourages employees to expose their employers by offering a reward of a percentage of monies recovered. The Florida Division of Workers' Compensation has a website wherein any individual can fill out an online form to report "an employer you suspect has illegally failed to secure workers' compensation insurance coverage for all of the employer's employees".

The best protection from the fines and penalties which could be assessed would be to take action to ensure your business is bulletproof before any complaint can be made. A malicious report made simply for the purpose of causing inconvenience or a whistleblower claim of retaliation can be made far less injurious by an experienced whistleblower claim defense lawyer, who is fully prepared to deal with the complex issues in this type of case.

As a business owner and employer you do have a number of rights to include the right to a powerful and aggressive defense. These cases are often complicated and may have serious consequences if not handled appropriately. For this reason any member of the legal team at the firm can be reached at any hour, including holidays, to discuss a question or to begin working on a matter of concern. Call Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law to discuss the specific factors involved in your case with a skilled employment defense lawyer.

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