Wage and Hour Claims

Skilled Florida Wage & Hour Defense Lawyer

The laws require employers to follow the rules and regulations established by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. An important aspect is complete and accurate recordkeeping of all employee compensation including hours worked, breaks, meal breaks, vacations, holidays and other relevant information regarding an employee.

Many Wage & Hour claims are the result of a disgruntled employee who feels wronged and turns to an attorney or governmental agency for help. An employee can pursue a claim with the Wage & Hour Division of the Department of Labor or can simply hire an attorney who can file a state and federal lawsuit against your company. Upon receipt of a Wage & Hour claim, contact a Florida employment defense lawyer for counsel before responding to the claim.

Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law has the experience and knowledge to offer legal advice and guidance for the correct actions to take following a claim. They successfully defend many clients who are employers in the private and public sectors from small businesses, insurance companies, municipalities, to large corporations. Their knowledge of all aspects of labor laws helps them provide protection to clients through all steps of wage and hour claim proceedings from audits by the Wage & Hour Division all the way through Trial.

About Wage & Hour Claims

Many circumstances can lead to an employee filing a Wage and Hour claim. Some businesses are more susceptible to claims because of the difficulties in keeping accurate payroll records and employee tracking. Restaurants and other businesses where employees receive tips in addition to an hourly wage can make a wage and hour claim complicated. Businesses that do not keep detailed and accurate records need legal representation from experienced and skilled defense attorneys who can protect their interests while dealing with opposing counsel and governmental agencies.

Wage and hour claims can be expensive and time consuming for employers making it difficult to run a business and meet the requirements of a demanding Wage and Hour claim. A strong and aggressive defense is necessary against Wage and Hour claims, which are often unrealistic and problematic. The legal team understands the necessity of an effective and competent defense against Wage and Hour claims and the importance of personal service to their clients. They are available at all times, including nights and weekends to their clients to answer questions or give updates on the status of their cases. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified wage and hour claim defense lawyer.

Contact a Florida Wage and Hour claim defense attorney if an employer and needing help with a wage and hour claim.