Florida Attorneys Helps Uninsured Employers

Employment defense Attorney in Florida

The law requires that employers maintain workers' compensation insurance to cover medical costs, wage loss and benefits for workers injured or killed on the job. Allowing a workers' compensation policy to lapse is risky for an employer especially if there is a job-related injury during the uninsured period. An uninsured employer is open to lawsuits, penalties and other consequences due to a lack of coverage.

Employers without workers' compensation coverage and in need of legal advice should contact a Florida employment defense attorney who is knowledgeable in all areas of workers' compensation laws and procedures. Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law provides legal protection to businesses, insurance companies and other types of employers threatened by a lack of workers' compensation insurance. They pay personal attention to all of their clients and always make themselves available to discuss the status of a case or answer questions.

About Uninsured Employers

A situation with an uninsured employer and an injury or death on the job can have serious consequences including:

  • Large fines and penalties
  • Exposure to civil suits
  • Criminal conviction
  • Workers' compensation surcharge
  • Possible business closure

The attorneys at Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law understand the effects of a long and expensive lawsuit to any business no matter how large or small. Civil actions and penalties from the government can drain a business financially and distract key personnel from their important jobs. The defense attorneys know the workers' compensation system. They represent insurance companies, corporations, municipalities and businesses faced with the threats resulting from uninsured accidents.

It is important to have legal representation during all phases of an uninsured accident investigation and hearings with the workers' compensation board. Their firm offers a strong and effective legal defense during civil lawsuits and always fights for the constitutional rights of employers while representing their best interests. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified uninsured employer attorney.

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