Florida Cases of Underreporting of Payroll

Attorney Assists Clients Accused of Underreporting Payroll

It is against the law to underreport payroll to the government and workers' compensation insurance companies. Attempting to underreport payroll to lessen a tax burden or workers' compensation premium can have serious consequences. Some underreporting is unintentional and due to accounting or computer errors. An employer aware of underreporting of payroll activities or accused or underreporting payroll should seek immediate legal advice and contact a Florida employment defense lawyer with the experience to defend employers in all types of employment issues.

The attorneys with Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law provide professional assistance and legal representation to employers facing legal issues that involve underreporting of payroll. They have the knowledge and skill necessary to provide effective defense for employers with problems of under reporting of payroll and other issues in the workplace.

Underreporting of Payroll and Penalties

An employer who is underreporting payroll opens up the door to civil actions and penalties or criminal accusations of fraud. Penalties can include a criminal conviction with personal fines, loss of a business, workers' compensation surcharge, and other penalties that accompany the underreporting of payroll. It is important to have legal representation from the defense attorneys of Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law. They are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of the law concerning labor law. They protect small business, municipal, insurance company and large corporate clients from the intrusive actions of governments and other agencies. The group represents employers and businesses through all phases of underreporting of payroll cases. They can protect the interests and freedoms of employers during audits and hearings, as well as other formal actions required.

The government and insurance companies can be intimidating to employers. Cases can be complex and confusing and require the experience of a defense attorney to reach a favorable conclusion. The effects of an underreporting of payroll case can be extensive and costly in terms of lost production and lost profits. Seek legal advice from a law group that understands the difficulties that businesses have when the government and workers' compensation seems over regulated and intrusive. Make an appointment today for a consultation with an experienced defense attorney when accused of underreporting payroll.

Contact a Florida underreporting of payroll attorney for legal advice regarding underreporting of payroll.