Florida Retaliation Defense Attorney

When a business owner faces a legal threat in accusations of retaliation, it is necessary to immediately seek legal counsel from a Florida employment defense lawyer from Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law. The legal team at the firm has successfully defended countless businesses in all types of serious situations, including those in which an employee claims that the company took action against them in retaliation for whistleblower claims or for filing a workers' compensation claim. In many cases, the accusations are completely unfounded, but once the legal action is in process, there is the potential of a serious financial loss if the case is not defended by a skilled lawyer with experience in such litigation.

Retaliation Defense Lawyer in Florida

It is understood that employees have rights, and should not be treated unfairly. This does not mean that they have the right to file false or exaggerated claims against a business owner. Unfortunately, there are many cases that business owners must face that demand a skilled defense to seek to avoid serious financial damage. There are specific procedures and policies that should be in place in any commercial enterprise to assist in avoiding these lawsuits in the future. Employee contracts and training are part of any business activity that hopes to avoid the almost certain claims that employees could file against them.

The state Whistleblower's Act protects employees from retaliation should they report a company for illegal actions. This includes those who work for private businesses, municipalities and any state agency. There are restrictions under which such claims can be filed, and the employee has only one year from the time of alleged discrimination or retaliation in which to file. Once they have filed the claim, the business owners are notified and the legal process is in motion. Early involvement in defending the claim can have a significant benefit for any business or municipality facing such claims. The legal team at the firm has successfully defended many such cases and has a depth of understanding and legal knowledge that serves the client in seeking to avoid the financial damages they will face if the claim is successful.

Contact a Florida retaliation defense lawyer from the firm for legal counsel and defense in all types of accusations of retaliation.