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About Professional Employer Organizations

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) exist to provide businesses and organizations with cost effective and focused human resource management. When a company signs on with a PEO, the Professional Employer Organization in turn effectively hires all of the employees at that company and takes over the responsibilities of being the "employer of record" for taxes and insurance purposes. Many businesses turn to PEOs as a cost-effective way to offer employees such things as health benefits without having to devote valuable time and energy handling complex issues like workers' compensation claims, unemployment insurance claims, payroll, and any tax issues related to hiring employees.

With a PEO to manage the human resource side of their business, companies can focus on expanding their bottom line and other issues more directly related to their business. While PEOs can be an effective means to cut costs and improve productivity, sometimes issues arise between a company and the PEO or an employee and the PEO. If you are involved in any way with a PEO and you face legal action, it is highly advisable that you speak with a Florida employment defense attorney without delay.

Professional Employer Organization Lawyer in Florida

Entering into an agreement with a PEO should never result in more stress and increased hardship. The attorneys at Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law have extensive experience representing clients in cases involving Professional Employer Organizations. As experts in employment defense law, they know the complex issues inherent in these kinds of situations. With years' experience handling defending business owners in cases with an unquestionable devotion to their clients, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Their attorneys pride themselves on always being available whenever you may have a question about your case or a concern about how your case is progressing.

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