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Regarding Hostile Work Environment Claims

Public and private businesses, large or small keep the national economy growing and provide a livelihood to the majority of the residents in the country. As an employer you unfortunately run afoul of laws or regulations on occasion. One very prevalent basis of employer woes is a complaint by an employee of a hostile work environment. While there is no specific federal law which describes this situation, it is one which many employers must deal with. If your enterprise is facing this type of challenge, it is crucial that you obtain the guidance and protection of a Florida employment defense attorney at once.

Hostile Work Environment Defense Lawyer in Florida

To be a legal issue, a hostile work environment must be caused by discriminatory harassment in the workplace involving gender, disability, age, color, religion or race or retaliation which is in violation of a discrimination law. The individual must believe that he or she must endure the hostility in order to remain employed. The harassment must be recurring, severe and intentional and it must interfere with the person's ability to perform his or her job.

The wise employer has taken steps to provide a reporting system for instances of discrimination and harassment. To do so affords protection from this type of claim. An experienced hostile work environment lawyer can assist in establishing such a system and can take aggressive action to defend you should such a claim be made against management, a supervisor, an employee or others who are on the premises.

The legal team with the firm has been successfully resolving hostile work environment claims for many years. You don't have to face this allegation by yourself. An experienced and aggressive workers' compensation lawyer at the firm is a mere phone call away, day or night. Call Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law for a consultation and dedicated representation of your interests.

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