Foreign Voluntary Compensation Defense

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Foreign voluntary compensation is coverage employers can elect to provide their employees who travel overseas and may be exposed to health issues that standard workers' compensation does not cover. These claims are also unique as they often pres­ent complicated issues of jurisdiction. In fact, at­torneys representing injured workers covered by these policies oftentimes file claims in the wrong jurisdiction which usually creates a substantial expense for everyone involved. Employees in­jured overseas are usually covered under these “catch-all” policies and there are always specific legal requirements in how these claims need to be handled and defended.

Having an attorney with this unique knowledge combined with simi­lar claims falling under other jurisdictions is an im­portant safeguard against improper claims filed by uneducated attorneys. Cristal Law Group is well-versed in assessing these claims, determining where an employer's responsibilities fall, and, if necessary, defending them against inappropriate claims for benefits.

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