Employment Defense

Florida Employment Defense Lawyer

When a difficult employee is creating problems in a business, how you proceed to terminate the person can be crucial if you hope to avoid a future claim. The procedures and policies in place in the business can help the business owner when they are faced with an employee that is not correctly doing their job, creating trouble within the business, making false claims or other problems. When an employee threatens a lawsuit, the actions you take can be crucial to the outcome of the case. A Florida employment defense attorney from Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law can assist business owners in carefully managing the situation to seek to avoid financial and other damages.

Defending Businesses in Employment Cases

The firm defends business owners that face any type of Wrongful Employment Related accusations such as ADA and FMLA violations, sexual harassment, hostile work environment and all other legal matters that involve attacks against a business owner or municipality in which an employee is threatening or has filed such a claim. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which the claims are grossly exaggerated or actually did not take place. There are some employees that are involved in seeking compensation, and have done so in several places of employment, moving from company to company filing claims. These are extremely dangerous individuals, as they know how the system works and take advantage of any opportunity to file a claim against an employer.

Wage and hour claims can also be a costly matter when a claim is successful. Employees may claim that they were forced to work beyond the legal number of hours and were not paid overtime, or some other matter. The legal team at the firm defends all claims against businesses from disgruntled employees, whistleblowers and others, and has an impressive record in court.

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