Our Tampa Bay Employer Attorneys Can Help Protect The Future of Your Business

When an employee files a lawsuit against their employer, it can quickly turn into an expensive and damaging problem – even when the suit is frivolous. For this reason, it is imperative to secure dedicated counsel from a Tampa Bay employment lawyer who can not only defend you against a lawsuit but can also work with you to prevent future disputes.

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What Types of Cases Does Cristal Law Group Handle?

Cristal Law Group provides preventative strategies tailored specifically for your business designed to prevent a lawsuit before it starts. We also help you develop personnel procedures, employee manuals and are always available to make rec­ommendations for immediate concerns. In the event an employee files a complaint or initiates litigation, we aggressively defend you at the ad­ministrative level from the first Charge of Discrimination at the EEOC or the FCHR, as well as the subsequent lawsuit filed in either State or Federal Court. This includes defending employers from alleged violations of:

A labor or employment lawsuit can be a death sentence for many businesses, but we can provide the dedicated, skilled representation you need to defend yourself and to prevent future issues. Our experienced Tampa Bay employment defense attorneys are solely focused on the practice of employment law, and have a comprehensive understanding of how these issues affect businesses.

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