Florida Defense Base Act Attorney

About the Defense Base Act

The United States government, as a way to provide coverage and insurance for any military personnel stationed overseas, enacted the Defense Base Act (DBA) back in 1941. While originally passed to only protect military personnel, the Act now covers any individual working outside the United States who has been contracted or is affiliated with the government in any way, military or otherwise. Under the DBA, contractors and other employers bear the responsibility for obtaining DBA insurance for every qualifying employee. Failure to provide this insurance can result in stiff penalties and the possibility that the government contract will be lost.

Depending on the situation, contractors and out of country employers may also receive additional punishments, which can seriously threaten the business and livelihood of the accused individual or organization. In recent years the importance of Defense Base Act insurance has taken on a new life due to exceedingly dangerous working conditions in the Middle East and other volatile countries. If you stand accused of a Defense Base Act violation, you should contact a Florida employment defense attorney without delay.

Defense Base Act Lawyer in Florida

In this day and age, working overseas has become increasingly dangerous. In order to compensate for the heightened potential for danger, the government has become very strict when it comes to enforcing the Defense Base Act. At Cristal Law Group, Attorneys at Law, they can help defend you against the repercussions of a DBA violation. As experts in employment defense law, their attorneys will work with you closely throughout every step of the legal process to protect your interests and the future of your company or organization. Do not let overly zealous government regulations and restrictions stand in the way of your company's success. Talk to one of the firm's attorneys today.

Contact a Florida defense base act attorney if you stand accused of a DBA violation.