Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability

Our Tampa Employment Defense Lawyers Can Guide the Way Forward

Insurance policies are specifically crafted to be thorough and account for a vast amount of scenarios in which the customer is or is not covered. However, the truth of the matter is that real life creates more nuance and shades of uncertainty than any legal language can address 100% of the time. Often, insurance carriers need to take a hard look at their own policies to determine whether or not their customer should be covered—especially when a bad faith claim has been filed against them.

CristalLaw Group counsels and guides clients in the complexities of insurance policies and coverage, including assessing policies to determine if the insurer has a duty to pay for a client’s defense and/or indemnify the insured. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Tampa employment defense attorneys can ensure that you and your company proceed in accordance with the law without overextending the coverage it has promised to its policyholders.

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When Bad Faith Claims Occur

Bad faith and extra-contractual liability claims occur when a policyholder believes coverage has been wrongfully denied under their current coverage. When these claims occur, carriers must proceed carefully to avoid protracted legal action against them.

Typical bad faith claims involve:

  • Claiming the carrier provided an invalid reason to deny coverage
  • Claiming the carrier failed to properly investigate before denying coverage
  • Claiming the carrier failed to act promptly in denying or approving a claim
  • Claiming the carrier settled for far less money than the claimant deserves

If one of your customers has filed one of these types of claims against you—or any other kind of bad faith or extra-contractual liability claim—then legal counsel is called for. Cristal Law Group is ready to help you assess these claims and advise your company on the next best steps to resolve the matter as swiftly and favorably as possible.

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