Appellate Litigation

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Not every decision handed down from the Division of Workers' Compensation is just. Sometimes an appeal is necessary to fully address an inappropriate claim against an employer and secure a rightful outcome. Cristal Law Group has a long history defending and initiating appeals on behalf of its clients. Some of the appeals handled by our attorneys become landmark decisions in the area of Work­ers’ Compensation benefiting employers and carriers. Our proven Tampa employer defense lawyers know what it takes to mount a robust and aggressive appeal on your behalf and ensure that the facts of your case are given the consideration they deserve.

Appealing a Workers' Compensation Decision

If an injured worker has been hurt and denied benefits, they can start the appeals process almost immediately. Not only does the appeals process allow claimants to resubmit their case, but it also brings additional or clarified evidence to help you prove the viability of their injury claim.

The major steps for a claimant in a workers' compensation appeal include:

  • Filing an appeal petition with the Division of Administration Hearings
  • Submitting to any necessary Independent Medical Exams
  • Attending a pretrial hearing for a re-examination of evidence

If you are an employer or a carrier that is dealing with a workers' compensation appeal, we can help your organization prepare for this process as well. Even in cases where a worker has already been approved benefits for an undeserving claim, Cristal Law Group can help our carrier and employer clients take the appropriate steps to thoroughly challenge that decision.

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