Many maritime employees work on or over waters that are not part of a U.S. state. To protect the interests of these workers, the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act was introduced in 1927, which essentially dictates workers’ compensation benefits for these employees. For employers, these claims can quickly become expensive and highly complex legal headaches if appropriate action is not taken.

Cristal Law Group has years of experience in defending USL&H claims on behalf of Employers throughout the Southeast; not just Florida. Having an employment defense attorney who has a strong knowledge of both USL&H claims as well as Florida State Workers’ Compensation claims is also important in helping to distinguish the jurisdictional issues that arise and formulate a determination of how the claims should be handled.

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What Is the Defense Base Act?

Just as the USL&H specifies workers’ compensation benefits to employees working in a maritime capacity, the Defense Base Act dictates coverage for all non-government employees working overseas. This includes anyone working on a military base, or other lands used for U.S. military or government purposes. Cristal Law Group provides a skilled, knowledgeable defense to employers affected by DBA claims.

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